"If you have not been to a training that Amy Ahola has conducted you are in for a treat! Amy presents with humor, knowledge and passion about the field of early childhood. You will leave with practical information that can be used immediately. Amy Ahola shares her many years of experiences and unique observations of what children are like and what they need."

Daniel Hodgins, Early Childhood Consultant/Author

"I feel very blessed to have had Amy here for a few trainings as well as attending some she has had. Her energy is contagious and her passion for the children really shows as she teaches us different way to interact with the children, all while teaching them life skills they have no idea they are learning. I especially enjoy how she incorporates play and nature to many of her skills. I would certainly recommend attending any of her classes that might come available."

Cheryl Wescher (22 years licensed daycare provider), Iron River, MI

"I have had the privilege to attend a few trainings with Amy. She is full of fun loving energy that comes with overflowing knowledge of children. My most favorite memory of one of her trainings - learning through messy play. This one training has opened my OCD clean eyes to be able to look past the mess and enjoy the moment."

Nicki Lahti, Owner ABC KOOL KARE, Calumet, MI

"Amy was the complete epitome of sincerity. She was respectful of her audience. She was helpful. She explained ideas without put downs. She was open and accepting and accessible."

Play Empowers Rally Participant, 2016